Q: what are the opening hours of the world theme park?

A: the ticket hall will be open at 9:30, and the admission time will be from 10:00 to 20:00 (the opening time of the special date will be changed, and it will be updated here)

The individual guest, the net buys a ticket, walk the gate, show your net buys a ticket to return a receipt

B: in order to ensure your smooth entry into the park, please purchase tickets online through regular channels

C: if you are a travel agency, enterprise, hotel and other team business cooperation, contact 0854-3613000

Q:Where is the theme park

ALibo snow and ice water world theme park is located in no.3, hongchuan road, yuping street, libo county, guizhou province

Q:What's the price of the park ticket?    



Q:Is there a locker in the theme park of snow and ice water world


  A:Provision of goods storage service (for a fee), distributed in the park and at the gate entrance. Enquiry telephone number: 0854-3613000

Q:When you enter the world theme park of snow and ice water, can you enter the park again after you leave?

  A:When we leave the park halfway through the trip, we automatically assume that the visitor has finished the experience. If you want to enter the park again, you need to buy a new ticket to enter the park.

  B:If you have any other questions, you can check thisWarm prompt

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